Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chicago Sucks Big Time

There are a lot of blogs on how much Chicago Sucks, but most mention all of the crap we already know. Corruption, Crime, Traffic.. Etc. I'm going to get much deeper..

I've been an elevator Technician in Chicago for 10 years and have seen just about everything there is to see and know about the city. What makes me different is that I'm originally from Michigan, and know the difference between a good thing and a bad thing when I see it..

The problem with people in Chicago is that they are completely oblivious to other parts of the country. They think that they have it all. They are so high on themselves that they consider Chicago and Chicagoland, "which is the suburbs" to be the best place on earth to live. What they forgot to mention is how miserable everyone in chicago and chicagoland really are..

Here's why Chicago Sucks Big Time..

- They Think a Vacation is going up to lake Geneva for the Weekend.. For one, the people in Wisconsin hate Chicagians, and lake Geneva is a crowded pool of crap because of it..

- The Parking meters were sold to the Saudi Arabians, and the Saudi Arabians hike the price up every 2 months.. Some areas cost $16 to park for 2 hours.. What is so ironic about this is that you'll be the only car on the street, and the city sold them to pay off debt. In which the debt money has already been spent. You Idiots could have raised the prices yourself and reaped the profits, but NOO. They had to sell them to a country that hates women and chops your 2 year old kids hand off for stealing a candy bar from a grocery store..

- They have a red light and stop sign camera on every corner.. And what's worst is that they shorten the yellow light.. Of course I don't really blame them considering every idiot in this state runs a red light at least twice a day..

- speaking of cameras, they now have speed cameras by every school and park, and there is a school or a park on every corner in Chicago. They will give you a ticket for 5 miles over.. Are you kidding me!! Most speedometers are off by a few miles an hour. You could be going 2 over and get a ticket..

- You can't get a job unless you speak Spanish.. Sad but true..

- meter maids are corrupt as hell. Don't make a meter maid mad, they will take a pic of your car while your driving by and send you a parking ticket.. It happened to me.. And if your in a company vehicle they will ticket you even when you park legally.. Why? Because they know that you can only fight a ticket if your the vehicle owner.. You think your boss is gonna go to court for you?? I don't think so.. And they know this..

- Toll roads everywhere.. As if they haven't taking enough of are money.. They also rack the toll prices up every other year.. And if you miss a toll, or your toll pass, or "IPass" is low on funds, well they just send you a $300 fee to pay..

- Taxes are unheard of.. I grew up in West Bloomfield MI.. My parents still live there. West Bloomfield is one of the wealthy cities in the U.S.. There taxes are around $5,000 a year.. My taxes are $1,000 higher than my parents taxes, and I live in an average suburban town outside the city that has nothing special to offer.. There is a slummy apartment community a few blocks away. there is obviously nothing wrong with living in a crappy apartment complex, I've been there.. But, if I'm paying $6,000 a year anywhere else on the face of the earth, there is NOT going to be apartments anywhere close by, let alone crappy apartments.. I worked hard to move up, not next door to the stuff I paid to keep my kids away from..

- Schools suck.. Enough said.

- you have to pay yearly tuition to go to public schools.. It's around $200 per kid in the U46 schools where my kids go. I have 4 kids which can be expensive, and my taxes are for???? Oh yeah I forgot.. The South!! If you don't pay the tuition, it's OK, it will just go on your credit report.

- If you pay $3.45 per gallon of gas where your from, than you'll probably be paying $4.50 per gallon here.. Just a little heads up..

- No Tax breaks.. There is nothing that is not taxed.. Don't plan on spending money here unless you have an extra 10 or 11 cents per every dollar spent.. Unless your drinking beer, they give the alcoholics a break.. Cheapest beer tax in the country.. I'm not complaining..

- you need a city sticker in your car window which is another $60 bucks a year out of your wallet.. You better have it, or you'll have a ticket coming your way.. Even in the suburbs..

- Every person in the Government is Corrupt.. Duh.. The freakin trash guys even think they have some holy power over everyone else..

- No one knows anything about the outdoors. No one goes fishing, hunting or camping.. They are the kind of people that go to the fish hatchery and pay to catch and have the fish cleaned. And if they do love the outdoors than they probably hate it here just as much as I do..

Well, I'm going to add to this post as I think of more things that suck about Chicago, but I don't want to go before mentioning some things I do like about the city that I hate so much.

Here are some positive attributes about Chicago..

- looks great from afar and up close in many areas.

- the people are the hardest working I've ever seen.. This goes for putting up with long commutes.. If you work an 8 hour day in Chicago, it will end up being a 14 hour day by the time you get home and sit down on the couch.. Which is another F@#&ing reason why Chicago sucks big time..

Can't really think of anything else, and I don't think anything else will come to me..